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  • Jane Bliss

How Can Mindfulness Help Me?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We have all have experienced being absent-minded; having low level of attention to something or ‘zoning out’, being oblivious to things going on around us, easily distracted, a memory lapse. Mindlessness can affect us differently from the simply annoying (‘forgetting’ where you’ve parked the car) to dramatically affecting our performance in the workplace and quality of life. Not being ‘present’ mentally we fail to appreciate the good in our life and can react unconsciously to situations and people around us causing much distress. Mindfulness is the opposite. It is a way of bringing attention to the present moment, to the now. Modern day life can be stressful. Our internal reactions to these perceived stresses can create feelings of worry, fear, doubt about the future (which is yet to materialise), or regrets, guilt, blame (from the past). When lost in negative thinking we are ‘unconscious’, we’re no longer in control, our old patterns of thinking and feeling can dictate our behaviour. Through practising mindfulness you learn to let go, quieten the mind, become ‘conscious’ and in the ‘now’. Fully present we are functioning at our best. But this is just the beginning; practising mindfulness will ultimately transform your life. You will start to observe life in a way never experienced before, you will feel better, make better decisions, your relationships around you will improve and ultimately you will find true inner peace.

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