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Do you feel stuck, maybe you’re procrastinating, or you keep getting the same results in one or more areas of life? Do you self-sabotage or do you recognise repetitive limiting life patterns playing out no matter how much will power used to try and change things? Or do you keep experiencing ‘knee jerk’ emotional responses leaving you wondering ‘why do I keep reacting that way?’ These problems, weight issues, unhealthy relationships, lack of financial abundance etc etc, although appearing to be current issues are actually rooted in experiences of the past.


Much of our chronic life issues and persistent problems have deeper roots. During childhood we form beliefs based on our interpretations of early experiences. We run subconscious programmes for every area of our life. As we grow up this internal operating system determines what we believe is possible for ourselves. It can drive success or be limiting. Our beliefs impact the decisions and actions we take and how successful we are in any area of life. Actions are always aligned with what we unconsciously believe to be true. Want to know if you are running a successful programme in a specific area? Your life is showing you! 


This transformational session is a powerful, stand-alone experience to breakthrough persistent life issues. It is a mind-body technique that can achieve outstanding instant, lasting results. It doesn’t need to take months of traditional therapy. During a 1.5hr mind detox session the root cause of a problem is uncovered and resolved. Once exposed and into conscious awareness the old programming collapses and loses its power. The healing can create a profound internal shift. Previously deep-rooted hidden blocks are opened up and new possibilities unfold. You will rewire for success.  

GBP£195.00  1.5hr Session
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"As the subconscious blocks that hold you back are cleared you will catapult into being your best version"

“I can honestly say it’s been a life transforming change… once we began looking at the root causes… it's been the best 6 months of my life so far. I have a sense of purpose again and feel like the best is yet to come”

— Kishan

“I found [The Bliss Session] really, really helpful and I have come away feeling much more confident... I was quite surprised with where we got to and how quickly. It was quite unexpected. “

— Davinia