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A Transformative, Mind-Energy-Body Method to Heal & Break The Cycle | Rewrite Your Story | Rediscover Your Bliss

do you Want to stop the same cycle repeating & create a different result?

in the press:

Read what journalist Kelly Thompson experienced during her Bliss Breakthrough Session:

Do you feel stuck, maybe you’re procrastinating, or you keep getting the same results in one area of life? Are you noticing self-defeating behaviours or experiencing reoccurring life patterns, the same cycle repeating? - a familiar story playing out, no matter how much will power used to try and change things - it’s different faces and places but same outcome? Or do you experience ‘knee jerk’ emotional reactions, you keep getting triggered, leaving you wondering "why do I keep reacting this way?" These problems, although appearing to be current issues, are actually rooted in experiences of the past.


Much of our chronic life issues and persistent problems have deeper roots. We are conditioned since birth. During childhood we form beliefs based on interpretations of early experiences. As we grow up this internal operating system impacts how we view ourselves and the world, patterns of thinking, behaviours and actions we take. We can only operate from our current level of awareness. When patterns of the past keep repeating we need to go beyond the logical thinking mind and resolve the root cause, hidden in the subconscious. We repeat what we don't repair. Once healed you 'unlearn the past’, and break free from the outdated belief systems, the old story, the emotional triggers, the repetitive pattern. You rediscover your true, authentic self and with the elevated vibration & expanded awareness you are free to rewrite your story.


Bliss Breakthrough Sessions

  • A transformative method to break free from self-defeating patterns, cycles and behaviours & start creating new results.

  • Uncover and resolve the root cause of the issue.

  • Avoid the need for months, or years, of conventional talk therapy. This is mind-energy-body, healing is fast tracked, - results are instant.

  • As the unconscious blocks are cleared a new reality is anchored in and you become free to rewire for success.

how Bliss Breakthrough can help:


Transform reoccurring relationship patterns,  & love frustrations and start attracting what you want


End cycles of career setbacks, "imposter syndrome", procrastination, money issues and start creating success

Life & trauma healing

Overcome self-doubt, self-defeating behaviours & patterns, emotional triggers, fears & phobias and become free to rewrite your story

and so much more...

“I can honestly say it’s been a life transforming change… once we began looking at the root causes… it's been the best 6 months of my life so far. I have a sense of purpose again and feel like the best is yet to come”

— Kishan

“I found [The Bliss Session] really, really helpful and I have come away feeling much more confident... I was quite surprised with where we got to and how quickly. It was quite unexpected. “

— Davinia

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