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live a high vibration life



Our natural state is one of vibrancy and our potential unlimited. My approach stems from this fundamental understanding. I am truly honoured to work with people on a deeply transformative level. We will shift what no longer serves; outdated belief systems, patterns of the past, emotional blocks.


Early conditioning can limit what we believe possible for ourselves. Life can play out in repetitive patterns, self-destructive behaviours, emotional issues, or a profound sense of aloneness or feeling unfulfilled.

We can break free from our conditioning and completely transform these patterns, ourselves and our lives. Once we reconnect with our truth, the flow of our life aligns and upgrades. I am passionate about helping people heal, grow and keep evolving to live their fullest expression, and return to their natural state of well-being. When we work together I will share the principles and practices for longevity, vitality, and self-transformation.

Fees £90 p/1hr session. (Reduced rates available)

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8 - 12 week Self Transformation Programmes

  • Weekly mentoring & coaching and support between meetings

  • Face to Face or Remote 

  • Individuals or groups

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Rise Into Your Most Empowered Self

- Self Discovery & Uncover The Root Cause of Current Limitations


- Detox Your Mind & Re-Wire to Expect & Create Success


- Reconnect With Your True Self, Achieve Greater Self-Acceptance & Inner Peace


- Resolve Patterns of The Past & Self-Sabotaging Behaviours


- Re-Balance Emotions & Learn How to Self-Regulate


- Align With Your Purpose & Vision and Live A Happier, More Meaningful Life


- Tools & Strategies to Deflect Negativity & Stress From Your Life

- Practices To Live a High Vibration Life & Attract More of What You Want


"Jane has a warm vibrant energy about her. She is so easy to talk to, we connected instantly on a spiritual level a mutual understanding on ‘energy flows where intention goes’. She is compassionate, understanding and emanates beams of positivity. She truly is remarkable..."

 - Tina