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A full list of talks & details can be provided upon request. All can be customised.

Example 1 hour talk:


Busting Stress

This talk focuses on how to reduce stress and boost wellness. We cover how to build resilience through simple lifestyle, mindset & behavioural adjustments and the science behind achieving more health & happiness

  • "Stress" and its blocks to vitality

  • The hidden signs 

  • Practical stress management techniques & change strategies

  • Creating a Wellbeing For Life daily practice

  • Q&A 


1hr - half day interactive workshops including theory & practical to embody the learnings 

Example 1hr 30min workshop

eft / tapping for stress-free living

A Revolutionary Method To Change Your Life

This interactive workshop shows how tapping, or EFT, is a powerful tool for improving life on many levels. Attendees will learn the method, why it works so well, and how it can be used daily.

  • The science and principles behind EFT

  • The benefits of tapping

  • The Tapping Tree: Define your tapping target

  • The Method - demonstration session

  • Practical interactive session 


All Talks & Workshop topics can combine to create extended experiences, from 2hr - full day 

Example 2hr 30min experience

Stress & mindfulness & meditation experience

Busting Stress & Boosting Balance & Happiness

This interactive workshop enables participants to have a deeper hands-on experience of managing stress levels and how to calm & focus the mind. Includes guided breathwork & meditation, applying stress techniques plus a personalised stress busting plan to take-away.

  • Guided breath work & meditation (30 mins)

  • Stress & building resilience talk (50 mins + Q&A)

  • Stress management & mindfulness techniques (30 mins)

  • A personalised stress management plan to take-away

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