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bliss breakthrough

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Would you like to become free of the self-doubt, anxiety and fear that stops you from moving forward? To end self-sabotage, persistent problems, and repeating patterns of the past? I am a qualified Transformation Coach. I work with people to break free of conditioning and reclaim their true nature to live a full, vibrant and meaningful life. 

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I look forward to connecting with you.


Are you ready to dissolve all that is getting in the way of living a happier, more fulfilling life? With over 15 years in the personal development field and through my own self-healing I've created a profoundly transformational method to break free of limitations and rediscover your bliss.

You can experience more happiness, wellbeing, and magic in any area of life. If life is not unfolding as you would like, you can be sure there's an outdated internal operating system running the show and blocking success. Bliss Breakthrough is a guided healing method to uncover and resolve the root cause of persistent problems, repetitive life patterns, emotional stuckness and self-defeating behaviours. Once the blocks are cleared you will rise into an empowered version of yourself and new possibilities can open up... 

Within my coaching I use a mind-body-energy approach to accelerate deep transformative change. I share the timeless principles, and revolutionary techniques & daily practices for longevity, vitality, & self-transformation. 

Bliss Breakthrough: Read what journalist Kelly Thompson experienced during her session

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" was to my true delight when I realised that as the days and weeks unfolded I genuinely felt like a great emotional weight had been lifted after several years heavy carrying.."

Kelly Thompson,

Kindred Spirit

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Your beliefs 
determine how your life unfolds and when you align with your most positive beliefs 
you are unstoppable

I am passionate about guiding others to reclaim their true nature and expand their potential to live a full, vibrant and meaningful life. I am highly dedicated to my own personal and spiritual development. My journey of self-discovery was triggered over a decade ago when I urgently needed to resolve the inner emotional stress that was impacting my physical health. Experiencing challenges with  anxiety and panic attacks, I trained in EFT / Tapping Techniques, an Energy Psychology and absorbed myself deeply into meditation. I realised that I just needed to get out of my own way to allow life to fully shine. Over that period I mastered the principles of self-transformation and as I healed from the inside out my experience of life changed beyond recognition. The profound improvement in my happiness and inner peace inspired me to create my practice and today I am passionate about guiding others in their own discovery. To heal the past, grow and keep evolving to live our fullest expression of ourselves. To return to our natural state of well-being. I continue to apply my methods in my own evolving journey to create more health, happiness and inner peace.  My work has been featured in many publications and when we work together I will share the time-tested principles and transformative practices that heighten levels of success in any area of life.



Jane is a natural born healer. She has razor sharp intuition and builds rapport very quickly with her client. I came to Jane feeling very stuck in my life and career, we discovered how negative self beliefs and self talk developed from early childhood experiences, were playing out in patterns in every area of my life. I felt like I was a prisoner of my own mind, living in never ending negative patterns of behaviour. Talking therapy only did so much, Jane's technique goes so much deeper through the use of of adapted EFT tapping technique which Jane has adapted to her own unique and very effective style. I have lots more work to do, but I am glad the universe brought Jane into my life at the very right moment. I would highly recommend anyone looking to make progress with their goals and find happiness, especially for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated in any are of their life, to go and see Jane, The solution is here!


Jane 'arrived' in my life at the most perfect (and necessary) time. While I initially came to her looking for help and techniques to cope with anxiety and stress, I've come to realise how much more profound and life changing her work truly is. Thanks to her support, guidance, and amazing energy, I've started to look at the world in a more positive light... and have even started to understand what my purpose within it might be. I'm so grateful for Jane's role in my journey to discovering a happier and more fulfilling life, and would recommend her to anyone looking to take that leap!

I just wanted to say thanks, the last session we had was really powerful .... the work in the session has made me feel much more at peace with myself. 


I really enjoyed the conversations about trying to locate the root of the problem which was very beneficial. I thought you were brilliant in asking the right type of questions which made me think and really understand myself better... I really enjoyed the tapping process which was great and very useful! I would definitely recommend you. If someone is looking for a life coach that is understanding, really listens to the client, explores various options to try help that person, someone who is passionate, friendly and very approachable and easy to talk to that would be yourself.


Thank you so much for all your help, you have really helped enormously. I have got to where I wanted to be. Thank you so much and hope to re-engage with you again in the future. 



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